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Giving to the College

Brent Hall is the LDS Philanthropies Liaison for our college. If you would like to contribute financially to the goals of our college, you may contact him in one of the following ways:

Office: (801) 422-4501
Toll Free: (800) 525-8075
Fax: (801) 422-4275

N181 G ESC
P.O. Box 27188
Provo, UT 84602-7188

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Because of generous gifts to the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, we have made significant progress toward achieving our top priority - providing a mentored learning opportunity to every interested undergraduate and graduate major in our college. May we share one story with you.

Mentored Experience Pays Off

Recently we heard from a former student who had participated in a mentored learning experience with faculty in the BYU Cancer Research Center. After graduation, this student pursued a Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University, where he was awarded a prestigious Howard Hughes Graduate Fellowship. He wrote to tell us that he is certain he would not have been competitive for that award had it not been for his mentored research experience in the BYU Cancer Research Center.

Help Our Students This Year

With support from alumni and friends like you, even more students will enjoy significant mentored learning and research experiences this year. Your gift to the College will be applied to areas of greatest need and opportunity at the university, and you can even restrict your gift. If you choose to restrict your gift, please make it known to the LDS foundation liaison for our college, Brent Hall. Doing so will magnify the power of your contribution by enabling us to more fully fund our college's top priorities. These priorities include:

  • Undergraduate Mentored Learning. Imagine the educational opportunity of working side by side with a faculty member in a lab or field research project, then to co-author results for publication. There is no substitute for "doing real science!"
  • BYU Cancer Research Center. Funds are needed to support the mix of undergraduate and graduate students who work with faculty members in the development of new anticancer drugs, diagnostics, and other initiatives.
  • Graduate Student Research. Many graduate students must work at jobs irrelevant to their major, and this places them at an educational disadvantage. These students need financial support to allow them to apply full energy to their degree programs.

Make a Difference

Please support Brigham Young University, and continue the tradition of giving. You have the power to make an incredible difference in the lives of our students.

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