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Student Employee of the Year

Hollie Irving, Student Budget Assistant for the Physics and Astronomy Department, was awarded the Brigham Young University Student Employee of the Year on March 31, 2009, and received a plaque and BYU Cougar blanket. In addition to the BYU Student of the Year, Hollie was also awarded the Utah State Student Employee of the Year Award by the Western Association of Student Employment Administrators, and received a plaque and stipend. Hollie's nomination has now been submitted to the regional competition for their consideration.

Hollie's employer, Nan Ah You, reports that Hollie is a very motivated and determined person, and is always anxious to get things done. "She has added valuable input regarding department procedures and has enhanced department programs. She also recently created a check-list process for student employees to eliminate in-house errors with paymentnet. This process not only eliminated careless errors, but also helped to identify problems different student employees were having so that the issues could be addressed and further training provided. Hollie visualizes the needs of students and the Department of Physics and Astronomy personnel."

An example of Hollie's team spirit was described as follows, "We had a bus taking faculty members and students to a conference in El Paso, Texas. There was not time for the bus to stop for meals, reach the conference on time, and keep the bus charges within budget. Her supervisor chose to be at work at 3:00 am. to prepare meals for those traveling and Hollie was the only student worker who volunteered to assist her (she was not asked to volunteer). Without her assistance it would have been difficult for all of the Department goals to have been met."

Along with the above information, Hollie is reported to be extremely valiant in the Gospel, smart, considerate, and an exceptional problem solver. She is extremely respected by her peers and co-workers and shows equal respect to everyone. She is hard working, well groomed, and extremely trustworthy in all walks of life. She not only brings efficiency to the work place, but also happiness to those around her.

The college wishes to join the Department of Physics and Astronomy in congratulating Hollie on her well-deserved awards.

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